Instaflix FAQ's When do the Kiosks get new movies? In most cases new release movies are available every Tuesday. There are occasions when a releasing studio ships a new release late to us and causes a delay. When is the movie due back? Movies are due back at 7 pm the next day. Say you rent a movie at 11 am on Tuesday, it’s due back at 7 pm on Wednesday. Say you rent a movie at 10 pm on Tuesday, its due back at 7 pm on Wednesday. Can I go online to reserve movies and pick them up at the Kiosk? No. Not at this time. Is there a membership required for me to rent movies? You are not required to sign up for the membership. Which credit/debit cards does Instaflix accept for payment? The Kiosks do not accept cash. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. We also accept debit cards as long as they have the Visa or MasterCard logos. Is my credit/debit card number/information secure? YES! Your credit card number is not stored in the kiosk computer system and is encrypted in all transactions going to and from the bank. We also take great measures to prevent fraudulent use of your credit card. Do I get a receipt? Yes, just not from the kiosk. If you enter your email address a receipt will be emailed to you at the time of rental and at the time the movie is returned. Your email address will be associated with the card you use to rent. If you use a different card, you'll need to enter your email address again. Is there a limit on how many movies I can rent at the same time? The number of titles your can rent at the same time is three. This is another security feature Instaflix has incorporated into our system in case someone has stolen your credit/debit card. What happens if I want to keep the movie and don´t return it? Your credit/debit card will be charged $25.00 + tax. What if I lose the DVD or DVD case? Please call Customer Service at 888.200.7926 and we will provide instructions in order for you to return the movie without the case. In the event you lose the movie, after 14 days you will be charged $25.00 + tax. The Kiosk won´t take my DVD. What do I do now? Each DVD has a security tag on it that the Kiosk recognizes during the return process. There are times when a customer takes the DVD case back to the Kiosk and forgets to put the actual DVD in the case. Please make sure the DVD is in the case first. Should the Kiosk not accept the movie even though the DVD is in the case and the security tag is intact please call Customer Service at 888.200.7926 for further instructions. What if my disc does not play? Check the playing surface of your DVDs for fingerprints should they ever skip or fail to play. More so than scratches, the dirt and oil from simple fingerprints can cause a disc to skip. To remove fingerprints and dirt, wipe the disc from the center outwards using a soft cloth (no paper towels). If problems persist, please contact Customer Service at 888.200.7926 for further assistance. Where can I find a Kiosk? Our kiosks are located mainly in hometown grocery stores. Visit our locations page to see if there is a kiosk near you. Who should I contact if I have a question, problem, comment, or suggestion? You can fill out the form on the Contact Us Page or call us at 888.200.7926. Please Note: By entering your email address as part of the membership process, you agree to receive occasional emails from ET Video. These emails can be canceled at any time. Rev. 1/1/2014